Where you going, darling?

Question: At what age do women begin using terms of endearment to totally unfamiliar strangers?

I’m 22. I don’t know of any girls in my age group who add “my love/ lovey/ my dear” or similar, to the end of a sentence except those on an acting course, and they’re drama students, it would be weird if they didn’t.

I’m not complaining. In a way I like it. It’s a friendly mannerism in a world that usually treats strangers stand-offishly. I’m just wondering at what point it all starts…

It’s definitely a female thing. There are few men that aren’t perverts or, to poach a Peter Kay phrase, uncle nobheads that would do something similar. It could be that men simply aren’t that nice, or it could be that they lack confidence. It could even be that they just don’t want to be labelled perverts or uncle nobheads. Or just nobheads.

Maybe your perception changes as you grow older. Perhaps I’ll reach an age one day when I’ll wake up and see young people differently. Somehow they will all appear charming and sweet and I’ll be inclined to stop at the side of the road to pick up a girl hitchhiker and I’ll wind down the window, remove my shades and say: Where you going, darling?

No. That would still be weird.

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  1. Haha! Thought ‘Sara’ until you covered that.

    It’s not so much that men don’t use those terms (darling, love etc), it’s just that when they use them it sounds totally perverted. To be fair that’s a stereotype, but I certainly have an image of a ‘lad’ walking up to a girl in a bar and saying ‘can I buy you a drink, darling’. To which her response would either be a total blank, or witty comeback along the lines of her being to good for him. To each other, men use terms like ‘mate’, which when you think about it’s original meaning, is pretty much along the same lines as ‘love’.

    With women I’d say it starts sometime after having kids, calling their kids pet names, calling their kids friends those names, and then eventually calling everyone by those names.

    Sidenote: since when do you casually remove your ‘shades’ before picking up hitchhikers ;p

  2. ‘Mate’ doesn’t equate to ‘love’! One suggests intimacy the other doesn’t at all.

    I never pick up hitchhikers, especially not girls, Indi would get cross! And no matter how genuinely I picked them up, I would always question myself…is there a subtext or alternate agenda to letting this strange girl get in your car?? 😛

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