Head against the wall

It might sound like the title to Tori Black’s next movie, but it’s actually named after something much less hands on and considerably less enjoyable.

Driven crazy this evening by my Macbook’s wonderful attempt at updating itself using Mac’s own “software update”. It informed me it needed a restart, I assented, a short while later and a message pops up stating the ‘updates couldn’t be installed’.

Hmmm…curious. Still, the only option was to restart so I did. Except it didn’t.

Instead, my Macbook thought it could inflict maximum stress anger and annoyance upon me by freezing on the grey boot up screen. This is apparently called a Kernel Panic. And it’s extremely extremely frustrating.

After trawling a thousand forums in search of the truth, or at least a solution to my little problem, I decided I would be forced to reinstall Snow Leopard. What a pain.

But it get’s worse. In their genius (they’re so clever they even go to Genius Bars), the people at Apple (I’m assuming they’re people) decided to forego the previous option of what they call “Archive and Installing” – a method that formats your drive without deleting your documents – assuring the user that it’s still happening “behind the scenes”.

When you’re doing something as dramatic as formatting your Hard Drive you don’t want anything going on ‘behind the scenes’ – I’ve used that excuse myself in college and it never is true.

Fingers crossed when I restart my Macbook in a few minutes there is some means of recovering data. Fingers crossed too that my Macbook does actually start after this format. Finally, fingers and toes crossed that Apple kindly remove their head from whatever dark orifice it’s residing in and sort out the glaring flaws in their software that have been steadily growing in number with each new release. Gone are the days of perfection?

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