Cannes Looks Dull

So it opens with a bang as Ridley Scott’s new epic Robin Hood takes center stage, but as Mike Goodridge, Screen International Editor, points out: it looks decidedly art-heavy this year and could use an injection of razzle dazzle.

I’ll be honest. I’ve never been to Cannes. I would love to go and hopefully will one day, but so far my experience of the festival is what I read in the papers. So what am I going to read when the press don’t have much reason to dig their teeth in? Goodridge is right, hollywood glamour is the lure for the journalists who then end up writing about films that would never have seized attention before. As one commenter writes: “We love Cannes for the heady combination for it all” but then he also writes “we set a girl on fire”, so who are we to believe?

I’ll keep an eye out for the usual multiple page spreads about Cannes but I’m not sure how many there will be this year.

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