House is Home at last.

I don’t know if like me, you have been avidly following each episode of House MD series 6, like some sort of addicted golem, clutching at straws and simply praying for the quality of the original few seasons to return. And of course, just when you think it’ll never happen they throw out an episode like The Season Finale: Help Me.

Help indeed. I’ve waited twenty episodes this season for this, the 21st. Nope, not because it was the end of the season, although that was starting to appeal, but because the final episode is simply a gem. It’s the kind of television that belongs on HBO or Showtime, and by that I mean actual quality television. Hugh Laurie was beginning to grate – a potentially fatal embolism for the show, him being the only reason it’s lasted this long – the gags were falling flat and the formula has been more overworked than Taub’s marital councilor. But then at that point of failure, the point that so many other shows have just collapsed at (take Heroes for instance, or 24, both of which finish this month), House just reaches in to his hat and pulls out a magic episode. I hasten to add that this episode wasn’t magic, at least not in terms of the drama, on the contrary, it was heart-breakingly tragic.

The other thing that could be heart-breakingly tragic is if House kicks off Season 7 this fall, as has been confirmed by Fox, and fails to pick up the pace, mix up the episode structures and characters, and develop some fresh plot ideas, because let’s face it – another season of the same old same will likely hammer a few rusty nails in to a once great series’ coffin.

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  1. Definitely. Especially for you – not like you’re really busy with work or anything 😛 Nah, but seriously, it is worth it. It remains enjoyable enough to watch and as the odd seriously good highlight. Keep it up 🙂 That said, there are a couple of other series I’ll hopefully get round to featuring that are worth considerably more of your time. Did you get my e-mail?

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