The Bounty Hunter

Hopefully at least a few of you have been keeping an eye on reviews over at The Smell Of Napalm, but if not here’s an extract from my latest of The Bounty Hunter:

The funniest thing about The Bounty Hunter is that two actors as prestigious as Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston even accepted roles in it, and even that is more funny peculiar than funny haha. Maybe they didn’t bother reading the script. There are a number of reasons The Bounty Hunter fails; it could be the total lack of chemistry between the main players, it could be the shoddy script or the haphazard plot direction, it could even be the fact that director Andy Tennant has apparently no imagination and no idea what type of movie he’s attempting to make.

Action sequences are as unrefined as to look almost B-movie, shot with no grace or style, the villains are all stereotyped and everyone overacts to the point you feel like shouting “cut!” yourself. Heaps of tepid slapstick and humourless situations are bundled together in a futile effort to derive comedy, but it all falls flat. Romantically the film doesn’t fare any better. It seems the duo argue, fuss and fight scene after scene until even the viewer feels like reaching for a pillow to block it all out. Both the couple are unlikeable and no matter how many times they cuff each other to the bed, intimacy always seems a hundred miles away.

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