Broadening my range.

So I decided I’d expand upon the range of reviews I’ve been writing. In the past I have written for a few other sites, beginning back in 2001 with Ciao. I don’t write for them any more, but I trawled through some of my older reviews and picked out a few I actually quite like.

You may not know, in fact, you probably don’t, but I’ve been a fairly avid gamer in the past and I still park myself in front of my xbox far more than is constructive. At least I took a step back from WoW. Less said about that the better. (Shamefully I still miss it…) That said, I think I’m fairly qualified to review video games, which is the next area I’m going to start posting in. I’m pretty picky, and the chances are I’ll only review a game if I think it’s a) phenomenally good, or b) mind numbingly awful…everything in between get’s glossed over.

(The first few will inevitably be quite old, think of them more as examples of analytical writing than relevant critiques of new releases – although that’s not to say if I’ve captured your interest, don’t check out the game.) Enjoy.

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