Attack of the Clones. Ahem, Dust Mites.

In other news, if you’ve seen my tweets you may have noticed I’ve been moaning quite consistently about my allergies. I’d hate to be labeled a hypochondriac, (a title my mother unfairly gave me some years ago), but I’ve been seriously suffering from some snotty symptoms. Sibilance excluded. They call it hay fever, they call it a cold, they even call it the flu – who’s they, the wizards? – I call it: Dust Mites.

For those of you that don’t know about these greedy little bastards. Watch this video. I swear to God, they are clamouring in my nostrils, plaguing me, rowing my nasal canal. It’s not acceptable. I’ve literally sneezed ’til I’ve bled this week. Several times. If there are any doctors out there…confirm or deny…please!


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  1. Hold on there! When I complained about having a dust allergy to you a while back, you gave me a whole diatribe about how you hate people saying they have allergys when they don’t! Implying that it wasn’t a real allergy at all, in comparison with say, a nut allergy. Glad to hear you’ve changed your tune.

    What a gross reference to your nose bleeds by the way ;p

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