Hot Tub Time Waster

Found another amusing and accurate film blog that’s worth checking out – My Own Worst Critic. I discovered it when I was getting photos for a recent review I did of Hot Tub Time Machine. Micah, the man behind Worst Critic, has also done a review, somewhat less scathing, but arriving at more or less the same conclusion. Anyway, have a read of both.

Mine, over at The Smell of Napalm.

His, My Own Worst Critic.

Hope you like them, don’t bother with the film though!

p.s. I’m aware I’ve been a bit slow updating the ‘last watched movie’ sidebar – it’s a bit of a hassle updating to be honest, but I’ll get on it soon! In the meantime, you can more or less keep track on my ‘last film I watched’ page.

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