Portal 2 at E3

Wow. Valve never fail to take my breath away. The first step I took in City 17 changed my attitude towards gaming forever, and the franchise they started with Half Life is still praised as one of the most progressive in gaming. Portal appeared with The Orange Box back in 2007 and in it’s brief 8 hour play time, achieved more than hundreds of games have done since. Essentially a mind-bending puzzle game, the player is given a ‘portal gun’ and moves through a number of test chambers utilising both portals and world objects to cross rooms and reach the exits. It sounds considerably simpler than it is, and there lies it’s ingenuity. The player must consider momentum, gravity and angles, not to mention combat a variety of obstacles, some hostile and aggressive which block their path. Include a fantastically original storyline that even subtly connects other titles by Valve, and the result is a thoroughly enjoyable landmark in video gaming.

Now, 3 years on, Valve have showcased Portal 2 at this years exciting E3 conference and here are three of the phenomenally exciting trailers they presented. Hopefully you’ll be as awed as I am!




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