Dead Space 2

Here’s another exciting trailer from E3 – Dead Space 2. The original was phenomenal, offering up a completely fresh take on the survival horror genre. This looks very similar to the first game, with some of the same classic weapons but a few new special abilities. From what we can see, the environment seems to look like a cross between Quake 3 corridors and Prince of Persia artwork. Combat seems to have stepped up the pace, hurling more enemies at you in one go. Hopefully they’re not overdoing the ‘quicktime’ feature, where you hammer a key rapidly in order to achieve something in game. For example, in the clip, Isaac has to hammer X to get rid of the little mutant freaks, and he also hammers X to hold on when the windows shatter and zero gravity ensues. This has been used a lot in other games to mixed reception, but personally, I’m not a fan at all. Anyway, without further ado, enjoy the trailer and fingers crossed the real thing is as good as we’re all hoping it will be.


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  1. Thing about game developers; they are the least charismatic people ever. I never played DS, but I couldn’t stand the guy talking about the second one on IGN. In fact, the guy talking about Halo: Reach managed to make something awesome sound not so great. They really need to sort out their spokespeople!

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