Digging your own grave.

Question: There are a fair few films and tv programs, most recently Lost, in which people are threatened at gun point or similar and instructed to dig their own grave. I just wonder, at that point, what incentive could they possibly have to actually dig? If you know you’re going to die, why wear yourself out first? Theories please…

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  1. Haha! So true, I guess they are either hoping for a lucky escape whilst digging (Lost), or just fancy some thinking time before they bite the dust. I doubt you’d be worried about wearing yourself out, it’s not like you’ll be needing that energy for anything else!

    What gets to me more is the whole ‘at gunpoint’ thing in general. It seems as though everyone cowers when faced with a weapon, despite the fact that the person holding them up would probably never be able to shoot them!

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