Mark Kermode’s Rants. Or Rather Reviews…

Thanks to Adam Cross for drawing my attention to the frenetic, exasperated ramblings that are Mark Kermode’s Film Reviews. I’ve not listened to them on the radio (5 Live on Fridays), although I understand that’s when they are broadcast if any of you want to tune in. I have however checked them out on YouTube and they’re really enjoyable and entertaining to listen to.

I think there’s a couple of things makes a review enjoyable – primarily passion. Kermode has got stacks of passion, he positively overflows with it. Agree with him or don’t, but he’ll no doubt have you smiling to yourself, nodding or firmly exclaiming “damn right!” as I did.

Here’s his review of Sex and the City 2, perhaps his most incredulous and enraged. This is part one, it links to part two at the end. I suggest it’s also worth having a look at The Hangover review, largely because I share his views about it and the people who enjoyed it 100%. Let me know what you think.


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