Why do people still cast Keira Knightley?

Why do people still cast Keira Knightley? Case Study: Take a look at the cast for the upcoming film A Dangerous Method, a movie that will explore the relationship between Freud and Jung and how that gave birth to psychoanalysis.

Michael Fassbender will play Carl Jung, which is terrific, because if you’ve seen him act in Fish Tank, Hunger or even Inglourious Basterds, you’ll know he’s got some serious talent.

Viggo Mortensen is the man himself, Sigmund Freud, a slightly quaint choice perhaps, but he looks pretty good in the sole image released so far. Besides, he’s undoubtedly a strong performer; other than his unforgettable role as Aragorn in LOTR, he blew minds in A History of Violence, was despicable in the gory Eastern Promises, and brought tears in The Road.

A Dangerous Method even stars Vincent Cassell, a man who has apparently gone from strength to strength since his quirky roles in the Ocean’s trilogy. That said, he really proved himself years before in La Haine (which if you’ve not seen, you absolutely must!)

And then, out of the blue, maybe simply because she’s another ‘high class’ A lister, Keira Knightley is hurled in to the mix. Name me one good film she’s in? Correction, name me one film she’s good in? The fact her career pretty much started with Bend It Like Beckham, sums it up. Her tight lipped English accent is so unbearably pretentious and her obvious lack of onscreen charisma is frustrating. Except maybe charisma is the wrong word, she definitely grabs attention, it’s just always for all the wrong reasons. Anyone who has seen Domino surely can’t disagree!

Maybe she’s a marketing ploy for movies. After all, the press love her because she’s ‘not’ anorexic and she’s more or less a household name here in the UK. Still, I’d love to see some completely unknown actresses hit the big screen, girls that aren’t just cast because they’re sexy, or because they have an ‘attention factor’, but because they can really bloody act!

Rant over. Thank you.

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  1. Maybe because she’s been excellent in a number of films and has shown herself to be quite good at mastering a number of different accents?
    Just a guess…

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