A rant of inequality.

Here’s a comment I posted on First Showing, in response to an infuriating remark by a reader known only as…Ives. The article was about Mel Gibson’s recent departure from his agency, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, and the post that riled me declared:

I can’t believe people are defending him. He may have been a decent person in the past (i don’t know), but now he is a drunk, abusive lowlife and doesn’t deserve any respect. Just because he is (or was) talented, people should not look past who he really is. Stop giving celebrities special treatment.

I suspect this is a view shared by a number of people, so here’s my comeback. The case of Ives vs. Alien, 2010.

@Ives – it’s not giving ‘celebrities special treatment’, it’s giving artists and geniuses special treatment, and they should be, because the fact is, without those people, as despicable as they can be at times, there is no point to anything. They give us highs and they give us lows, but try and imagine a life without crazy and eccentric musicians, actors, artists etc. Hell, some of the greatest legends were absolute scum, but we need them to give this life some context. So how about instead of stopping ‘special treatment’, you stop bunging us all together in a mash up of personalities and characters that should all be treated the same, and recognise that the simple fact is, we’re not the same, we shouldn’t be treated the same, and Mel Gibson should not be dropped from his agents and colleagues like an empty bottle as soon as he’s lost his clean reputation and is a threat to theirs.

Don’t get me wrong, I despise celeb culture as much as the next respectable human being, but there’s a fine line that you’re not observing.

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