Young people and their insatiable appetite for STIs.

It wasn’t just speed cameras that caught my eye in The Guardian. The same edition detailed the grotesque cock ups and cock diseases spreading like contagion through the British teen sex scene. It’s embarrassing and infuriating that the NHS is bailing out and cleaning up after “youths” with apparently no concern or awareness of STIs or teen pregnancy to the tune of £1bn a year.

It seems I share an era with kids who don’t have a rational thought in their heads. Frankly, let their scrots rot, because if these are our future generations, I think we’re quite literally screwed.

Be sure to read the original article here at The Guardian Unlimited.

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  1. I know this comes across a little strong, so here’s my excuse:

    It was late, and I was tired, and sick of hearing about idiots and their inability to cope with the really obvious consequences of their actions. Maybe it’s because I never see anything positive in the press that it all seems negative…or maybe it just is. Either way, I’m reminded of that Bill Bailey quote from Part Troll (the figures could be out of date now, but still):

    17th in European Literacy Tables, number one in the world for children with asthma – champions – we take more illegal drugs than anyone else in Europe, we take more prozac than anyone else in Europe, we’re the most obese nation in Europe, we have the highest rates of teenage pregnancy, we’re just a bunch of stoned, illiterate, wheezing, shagging lardy bastards – champions!

    He makes it funny, but once the laughter has ended it’s just depressing.

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