Big Chill Highlights

Here are some highlights from my Big Chill 2010. Best of the fest for me was definitely Roy Ayers. Here’s him relatively recently live, although the gig I saw had Troy Miller on drums – he blew my mind.


Thom Yorke was also terrific. Totally solo set, I was expecting Johnny Greenwood as well, but it was just Thom and a loop pedal. I won’t say he doesn’t need Radiohead backing him, but he was fantastic all the same. Plus he looks sexy as hell. This is Harrowdown Hill, the exact version I watched at Big Chill – thanks uploader.


A tonne of his other vids from the festival are online too, so grab them now in case they are removed. Also loved Morcheeba and Massive Attack. Bonobo were good but not as wicked as I anticipated – a little disappointed about that.

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