It’s good to be back

“Well, it’s good to be back!”

The words that begin Iron Man 2, and an appropriate opener to this post; my return to the world wide web after a three week absence in Morocco.

I kept up my viewing schedule (more or less), and you’ll note a massive extension to the ‘last watched‘ section. I’m thinking of adding a TV series listing too, as much as a record for me as for recommendations to you guys. Watched so many now it’s getting ridiculous. Might never happen though…

Here’s an extract from a sporadic diary I kept of the trip, hope you enjoy it.

Did you know that 9 or 10 seater people carriers are massively under-marketed? In reality, they can hold 12 Moroccans, 4 Tourists and a Crazy man. We found this out the hard way this morning after setting off up the ludicrously steep hill from Legzira (or El Gzira, depending on the map), back to the main road. Our initial hope was that a gran taxi would drive by on its way to Tiznit with a spare couple of seats – in hindsight that was perhaps a little wishful – but instead, “oh frabjous day, calloo callay”, a bus drove by. We jumped on and paid the 16 dirhums to reach Tiznit, but a short distance beyond Mirleft, the bus ground to a halt, and after a half hour wait during which the driver and a few randomers attempted to fix it, we decided it was probably quicker to bail and flag another lift. Next up, a gran taxi drew up, allowed us aboard and promptly began cramming the people carrier with as many passengers as it is physically possible to fit…and continued to do so in to the realms of physically impossible to fit.

Anyway, so we’re all aboard a sardine can with wheels, sweating profusely and barely conscious in the intense dense heat of the midday sun, compounded by the hot stench and sticky sauna sweatiness caused by so many in such a tiny space. We progress about a mile or so, and then the gran taxi breaks down too. Bail take two. Further loitering in the road to hail another transport. And what eventually comes along? Another bus, packed with the people from the first bus who take one look at us and burst out laughing. Understandably really; I’d have laughed too at the cocky westerners who didn’t have the patience to wait like the others, and amidst far more hassle travelled absolutely no further…I would have laughed, if I wasn’t one of them!

Three buses, two break downs, one supposedly 45 minute journey – a pretty unique experience.

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