Censorship and The Social Network (not one of my most original post titles but hey, it’s late)

So I was a massive, outspoken fan of The Social Network (see my previous post), but that’s not to say that something about it didn’t piss me off.

Of all things, that ‘something’ is the age certificate.

I don’t want to betray any political standing particularly, although someone who looks back further enough might dig up one or two posts regarding the UK General Elections, but I’m pretty firm in my belief that if a film is going to be censored, whether that be right or wrong, it should be censored accurately.

But what is accurate when it comes to censorship?? I hear you cry. Well, let me put it this way. A film in which during the first five minutes somebody drops a pill, followed briefly by some lingerie clad honeys making out as a central attraction at a drug fuelled party (not that lesbianism should be forbidden from our dear teenies, but in this context…), followed later by the snorting of coke from a girls cleavage and yet later by two ‘groupies’ toking from a 6ft tall bong (yes, they stand on a sofa to do it) – well, I think maybe that requires the notch above 12A.

Censorship seems more and more pointless these days, but either stick with it or scrap it, don’t just delegate seemingly random numbers to seemingly random films. Maybe certificates should start to indicate a likely target audience age group rather than a ‘permitted’ age group, it’d make a lot more sense.

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