Get Him To The Greek and other tall, tasteless tales

Get Him To The Greek transpired to be as grating and atrocious as I thought it would be. Another ill-conceived comedy that was a waste of time, money and…actually, isn’t wasting time and money bad enough?? I’m hard pressed to decide if Get Him is the worst comedy of the year, or whether it still upstages Hot Tub Time Machine. Despicable as it is, I’m inclined to lean towards the latter.

Russell Brand and Jonah Hill no doubt perform their parts just as the director intended, but Brand appears to spoof himself and Hill, who is so naturally funny it would be an effort for him not to inspire laughter, tries to get by on charisma alone (which is limited in a character who spends the majority of the film vomiting on himself and others).

Speaking of regurgitating shit, Sean Combs is sickeningly awful as Hill’s foul mouthed “fuck” spouting boss, the black man reeling off gangsta homie stereotypes one after the other.

The humour is crass and unoriginal, a rehash of every other tasteless comedy in the past decade. In fact, the only joke in the film is the plot, summed up completely in the tagline/ detailed synopsis: Aaron Green has 72 hours to get a Rock Star from London to L.A.

It’s easy to see why this film reached an audience, it’s about as thick, uninspired and uninteresting as the general population. Sad though, that whilst the Apatow tag has now been associated with so many good or great comedies (think Superbad, Talladega Nights, The 40 Year Old Virgin), his name is also becoming code for: ‘cheap tack slapstick – avoid at all costs’.

Maybe you, like me, attend each of his comedies in the hope that another will be among the levels of comic genius expressed in Freaks and Geeks, or as inspired as Superbad. These days it seems like we’re out of luck. Genuine wit is being pissed away in favour of the school boy toilet humour epitomised by Harry Enfield back in the 90s. It wasn’t funny then and it definitely isn’t now. What we need are more comic pioneers – Simon Pegg, Chris Morris, Steve Coogan, Julian Barratt, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, even the K man. (I’ve just realised my list is entirely British…how unintentional. Anyone fancy helping me out with some great US equivalents?)

In the meantime, I’ll settle for more along the lines of The Other Guys – where Ferrell and Wahlberg strike comedy gold, perhaps largely down to director and co-writer, Adam McKay (also the name behind Anchorman). He can start the US list of funnies then…

PS. Even the notoriously negative Peter Bradshaw raves and dollops a full 5*s to The Other Guys – I don’t want to big the man up too far (he chats a lot of shit) but in this instance, he’s not wrong. See his review here.

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