Fashion, and why we buy in to it.

Here’s a totally irregular post about fashion based purely on random musings (ie. there are no facts to be found here):

A girl talks about what’s ‘in fashion’, whilst a guy talks about what’s ‘cool’ (when they talk about clothing at all). So what’s the difference? Well it strikes me that fashion is determined by the industry. What are the top designers making? What are shops stocking? If high street chains fill their shelves with a certain ‘fashion’ then as sure as day follows night, as sure as eggs is eggs, and as sure as every odd numbered star trek movie is shit, girls will start wearing it, whether it’s what they secretly always wanted or not. Their choices are limited and therefore to a large extent determined by the clothing industry.

Take for example, a quote I just heard, a woman saying: “funny, those jumpers with reindeer’s knitted in are all the rage now, I used to think they were utter tack, but now they’re really trendy, Top Shop’s full of them.”

In contrast, it strikes me that while the industry decides what women wear, men decide what men wear based on what they think is cool or trendy – specifically what they like, rather than what they are encouraged or manipulated to like. Of course, that changes like the wind, and hence mens fashion changes almost as frequently as girls albeit much less drastically, and yet the subtle difference in how that is decided seems significant.

What is especially interesting is how little most women seem to care that what they wear is decided for them. Also ironic, is that despite this fashion model, women are still provided a plethora of shops and clothing options that are unavailable to men. I’m curious to know proportionally how many more shops target women than men for clothing. I suspect there is considerably more to this than just what I’ve summarised above, and this is all speculation, but I just thought I’d put it out there. Food for thought as my brother always says. He’s a moron.

ps. thanks Simon Pegg for the Spaced reference above, and also for your hilarious auto-biography that is my current reading material.

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