Whatever happened to The Similou?

I was enjoying some post gig euphoria the other day with a flat mate, and we trawled through my extensive iTunes library to find some dance classics that we hadn’t heard for a while. To save listing each and every bopping tune we raved to, I’ll cut to the chase. Some of the best dance music I have in my collection is by The Similou, an electronic music duo from Gothenburg, Sweden.

I first heard The Similou about four years ago, when I was working a brief stint on the production line on a factory floor. My colleagues were avid listeners to Radio One, a station I despised then as I do now, but it meant I was exposed to tunes I might not have heard otherwise, The Similou being a classic example. All This Love played only a few times back in 2006, but it was definitely a much cooler track than the majority on the radio, so it drew my attention and I bought it. And then proceeded to track down everything else The Similou had ever done. Which is to say, not much.

As far as I can tell, and I would very much love to be corrected, The Similou released only one album of eight tunes (remixes not included). Thankfully, I finally tracked down the full album today, after much searching – it’s not on iTunes. So I did have to settle with a somewhat dubious download, but that’s not my bad, why the terrible distribution?

Anyway, eight tracks, and the sad thing is, they’re all brilliant. Upbeat, optimistic, bright and original. So where did they go?

According to Wikipedia, All This Love was The Similou‘s latest release, and that was over four years ago. Their MySpace was last accessed in 2008 and their official website, www.thesimilou.com no longer exists. So the question remains…whatever happened to The Similou?

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