What is a ‘Proto-feminist’? I thought you’d never ask…

Here’s an annoying article which will attempt to piss all over your enjoyment of the BBC’s modernisation of classic Conan Doyle: Sherlock: Is Sherlock Sexist?

If you can be bothered to read the whole lot (hopefully you’ll be as irritated as I was) then feel free to continue commentary below – the Guardian saw fit to close their comments section already.

Anyway, I object to the article on a number of levels, none of which I can be bothered to explain in detail – perhaps ironically for a blogger? – but expressed most simply, it’s because I think Sherlock is a cracking good show. Jane Clare Jones is apparently not such a fan, and here is a provocative quote of hers I’ll leave you with which jumped out at me for it’s flagrant arrogance and self-rectitude. It’s a lovely, accurate, unbiased definition of a woman with her views:

…a “proto-feminist”, a woman of great intellect and formidable agency…


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