Royal Mail – “We know all our customers by name”

Today I had an unpleasant encounter with Royal Mail, so I sent them the following letter:

My brother sent me train tickets to go and visit him in France. I was left a red collection card. I went to my local sorting office (Cambridge Heath) to collect the tickets this morning and was told that despite having proof of my address, and a photo ID displaying proof of my surname, I could not pick up the tickets because it was my brothers name on the envelope and I would need his ID. I explained that he lived in France, that it was an actual impossibility for me to display his ID and it wouldn’t prove anything anyway, since I had already shown my driving license as proof of my own identity. Your employee said he was abiding by policy and didn’t care what the circumstances were, he could only arrange for redelivery tomorrow. I pointed out that if the tickets failed to arrive promptly I would miss my entire trip to France and would demand compensation. I also pointed out that if they were redelivered to my address absolutely anyone in my house could sign for them, so it made no sense that I couldn’t sign now, with proof of who I am! Additionally, there is the option on the red collection card to leave it with a neighbour and a sign in the post office that says “If we cannot deliver to you, wherever possible we will leave your item with a neighbour”. So you’ll deliver to a total stranger but won’t allow collection by a proven family member? Anyway, I was forced to leave empty handed despite a lengthy conversation in which I pointed out the ludicrousy of all of the above. If I miss my trip to France as a result of this I will be pressing for compensation. Lastly, I want to know who is accountable for this: is it your employee at the sorting office failing to use any form of common sense, common decency and discretion, or is it truthfully a severely flawed Royal Mail policy?

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