Penry-Jones. Rupert Penry-Jones. The ideal James Bond?

Penry-Jones, who really was in Spooks and frankly ought to continue the trend as Bond.

Further to my previous post about Benedict Cumberbatch, I thought I’d also spotlight another great actor yet to receive the recognition and exhibition platform they deserve: Rupert Penry-Jones. (Curiously, he also shares a first name with my brother, although that too is totally unrelated to this blog post…)

Penry-Jones’  career appears to have been much less acclaimed than Cumberbatch, perhaps unfairly, given that as Adam Carter, the frontman in Spooks from 2004-2008 he really proved to be worth his salt. Most recently starring in gripping ITV drama Whitechapel, he’s also set for the lead in BBC legal drama ‘Silk’ for which I could find very little information except this vague BBC link.

I think he’s an actor that would suit the big screen in similar roles to the small screen parts he has taken on. He simply needs more exposure. He usually plays a smooth, sharp witted, often dangerous character, but boasts a real charisma and natural charm. He’s ruggedly good looking (as most film friendly faces tend to be). In fact, he wouldn’t be misplaced as James Bond. (Oh come on, everyone knows he’s blond now!) Seriously though, I’m fully behind that idea.

Rupert, if you land that role, you owe me a pint. And a burger. In fact, maybe we could go see a movie? (I wonder if anyone else uses their blog to set up a (b)romantic dinner and drinks with actors they admire? I’m not trying to set a trend or anything, but if it works…)

Benedict Cumberbatch heads up British Stars: The Next Generation.

Cumberbatch had just finished his audition for Spooks.

There’s a reason I’m a big fan of Brit actor/ hero Benedict Cumberbatch, and it’s not just that I share the same first name.

Starring in a plethora of fantastic TV dramas and films, including Hawking, Atonement and Amazing Grace, and most recently bringing Sherlock Holmes in to the 21st century with the ultra modern Sherlock, he epitomises the British gent in addition to being a splendid actor.

I was very proud to read the recent character piece about him in the Guardian and was further impressed by his charitable efforts, which whilst are by no means exclusive amongst celebrities, are still encouraging to hear about.

I wonder if at some point in the not so distant future he might be a force to be reckoned with on par with other famed young British stars, take James McAvoy for example. I hope so, but seeing a number of top notch actors apparently largely ignored by the mainstream, (think Eddie Marsan, Christian Cooke, Rupert Penry-Jones , Tom Hughes), I have my doubts.

On the other hand, we’re not without our stars. There’s a chance Cumberbatch could tap in to the much broader appeal of those who have graced the halls of Hollywood recently: Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan springing to mind…

Amidst various negative comments about British acting including Sir Ian McKellen’s recent remarks: “Money-driven young actors are spoiling British theatre”, I thought I’d remind the next generation of viewers that although they’re not clear cut yet, we do have future heroes to follow in the exciting footsteps of, for instance, Ewan McGregor or Rhys Ifans. That said, I’m not seeing the next Bale on the horizon yet…anyone?