What makes a good writer? The 150 word challenge.

A good writer is someone for whom the pen is mightier than the sword (because let’s face it, the only thing the sword will get you is a swift criminal record and a spot of community service – prisons are too overcrowded for a proper sentence. Excuse the pun).

A good writer is someone who can manipulate language to affect the reader, whether that be challenging convention, swaying opinion or simply selling them the new fragrance from Chanel – not as easy as one might think.

A good writer can turn a boring passage in to a humourous story or encourage thought to evolve in to action. With words they can speak for presidents or appeal for change from passers by. The latter is unfortunately more likely as it’s a competitive industry!

All a writer needs is his pen and his heart. Although of course, hi-tech computing facilities never go amiss.