The Killer Elite/ The Feather Men/ The Cock Up

What a bizarre mixture of faces and talent involved in upcoming action thriller, The Killer Elite, due for release in 2011. Worth pointing out this is not actually a remake of the Caan/ Duvall pairing in 1975, but is actually based on a novel by Ranulph Fiennes called The Feather Men – a much better title to be honest. So what happened with the casting?

De Niro – fantastic of course, although his choice of work recently hasn’t been too mind-blowing.

Clive Owen – he hits and he misses, which’ll it be?

Jason Statham – alongside De Niro? If Statham plays some jumped up adrenaline fuelled muscle head like in every other film he’s in, I can’t see how this can end well.

Is it worth mentioning Dominic Purcell? He’s such a heavy handed (and by that I mean bad) actor that he was one of the culprits that dragged down and left Prison Break to sink.

I can’t see how this bedraggled collection of mismatches can blend on screen together. Interestingly IMDB suggests that if I like this title, I might also like Extreme Honor..…

Nuff said.