Jangle Live @ The Riverfront

You may recall that I was pretty buzzing about a gig I did recently with rising star Jangle (you may have heard him on Radio 6 Music – if not listen HERE) – this is the footage from that gig, finally available online. I hope you enjoy it.

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Watch and enjoy Jangle Live at The Riverfront 08.05.2010


Beth Prior on Vocals,
Thomas Gale on Guitar,
Mark Thompson on Bass,
Ben Garman on Drums,

and Live Visuals by Thom Buttery

Jangle Live @ The Riverfront 08.05.2010 from Jangle on Vimeo.

Good God King Wencelas

At long last I have finally got hold of the recording of one of my newest arrangements, Good God King Wencelas, from a live gig we did in Cafe Jazz, Cardiff prior to Christmas. Completely unseasonal I know. Yep, it’s been a long time coming, but finally I can remind myself of what the piece actually sounds like! It was a one-off performance, the premiere, but also, the only playing of the piece so far. Hopefully that will change as soon as I can get a regular little piano trio together. Wondering if maybe I should try writing for a different line-up though, as it’s been painful organising pianists!

Anyway, have a listen to Good God King Wencelas on youtube, it’s preceded by a fresh recording of my previous arrangement – Fading Away in a Manger, so enjoy them both!

As always, thanks to the musicians, Joe Webb and Aidan Thorne.