Good God King Wencelas

At long last I have finally got hold of the recording of one of my newest arrangements, Good God King Wencelas, from a live gig we did in Cafe Jazz, Cardiff prior to Christmas. Completely unseasonal I know. Yep, it’s been a long time coming, but finally I can remind myself of what the piece actually sounds like! It was a one-off performance, the premiere, but also, the only playing of the piece so far. Hopefully that will change as soon as I can get a regular little piano trio together. Wondering if maybe I should try writing for a different line-up though, as it’s been painful organising pianists!

Anyway, have a listen to Good God King Wencelas on youtube, it’s preceded by a fresh recording of my previous arrangement – Fading Away in a Manger, so enjoy them both!

As always, thanks to the musicians, Joe Webb and Aidan Thorne.


Fading Away In A Manger

Here we are in the morn of summer and I’m posting a video arrangement of a christmas carol. The thing is, this is far less festive than one might expect, and I think it should be a little thought-provoking and introspective enough to suit the sun. Certainly I find myself day dreaming considerably more with warmth and light on my face – it’s just a pity none of that translates in to word pieces! Anyway, enjoy this, I recorded it with a few friends last year sometime.