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I have previously mentioned my work alongside Cardiff beat-matrix wizard, Marky ‘Jangle’ Thompson, and his live group, for the moment also titled, Jangle. We’ve another gig coming up on 10th December, here’s the poster and write up:

Jangle are a jumble of instruments and instrumentalists from across the country; a six piece live band comprised of drums, bass and guitar with a clarinet, trumpet and vocal frontline. Theirs is an altogether original sound: subtle but epic, modest yet dramatic – above all, powerfully moving. Through a tangle of rhythm, hypnotic themes, delicate improvisation and soaring melodies, Jangle paints a musical panoramic, a scene not to be missed.

Jangle Live @ The Riverfront

You may recall that I was pretty buzzing about a gig I did recently with rising star Jangle (you may have heard him on Radio 6 Music – if not listen HERE) – this is the footage from that gig, finally available online. I hope you enjoy it.

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Watch and enjoy Jangle Live at The Riverfront 08.05.2010


Beth Prior on Vocals,
Thomas Gale on Guitar,
Mark Thompson on Bass,
Ben Garman on Drums,

and Live Visuals by Thom Buttery

Jangle Live @ The Riverfront 08.05.2010 from Jangle on Vimeo.